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    Do Clinicians Have a Duty to Participate in Pragmatic Clinical Trials?
    with Stephanie Morain and Jeremy Sugarman
    American Journal of Bioethics 1-11. forthcoming.
    Clinicians have good moral and professional reasons to contribute to pragmatic clinical trials (PCTs). We argue that clinicians have a defeasible duty to participate in this research that takes place in usual care settings and does not involve substantive deviation from their ordinary care practices. However, a variety of countervailing reasons may excuse clinicians from this duty in particular cases. Yet because there is a moral default in favor of participating, clinicians who wish to opt out …Read more
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    Toward Meeting the Obligation of Respect for Persons in Pragmatic Clinical Trials
    with Stephanie R. Morain, Stephanie A. Kraft, Benjamin S. Wilfond, Amy Mcguire, Neal W. Dickert, and Jeremy Sugarman
    Hastings Center Report 52 (3): 9-17. 2022.
    Hastings Center Report, Volume 52, Issue 3, Page 9-17, May–June 2022.
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    Journal of Applied Philosophy, EarlyView.