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    The Logical and the Physical
    In Dale Jacquette (ed.), A Companion to Philosophical Logic, Wiley-blackwell. 2002.
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    Did Church and Turing Have a Thesis about Machines?
    In Adam Olszewski, Jan Wolenski & Robert Janusz (eds.), Church's Thesis After 70 Years, Ontos Verlag. pp. 242-252. 2006.
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    The origin of my article lies in the appearance of Copeland and Proudfoot's feature article in Scientific American, April 1999. This preposterous paper, as described on another page, suggested that Turing was the prophet of 'hypercomputation'. In their references, the authors listed Copeland's entry on 'The Church-Turing thesis' in the Stanford Encyclopedia. In the summer of 1999, I circulated an open letter criticising the Scientific American article. I included criticism of this Encyclopedia e…Read more
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    The day was particularly appropriate. There was a great deal of publicity for the 50th anniversary of the world's first working modern computer, which ran at Manchester on 21 June 1948. And at 10.30pm the night before, 22 June 1998, the House of Commons had voted by a large majority to change the law so that homosexual and heterosexual acts would alike be governed by an 'age of consent' of 16. It was recognised by all sides that the issue at stake was that of equality. (Note added later: the law…Read more
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    Almost everything Turing wrote is now accessible on-line in some form, much of it in the Turing Digital Archive, which makes available scanned versions of the physical papers held in the archive at King's College, Cambridge University. See..