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    Ontology of the nanoworld: system approach and the concept of evolutionism
    with M. V. Beilin, L. M. Gazniuk, T. I. Lipich, and S. V. Reznik
    Amazonia Investiga 7 (13). 2018.
    The article deals with the ontological subsystem of the philosophical foundations of the corresponding picture of the world, defining the typical understanding of the world as a unity in a variety of properties and relations typical of a particular historical period on the basis of appropriate philosophical interpretation of such categories as matter, motion, space and time, necessary and accidental, possible and real, and other categories, attracted from the classical philosophical heritage and…Read more
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    The problem of aim of science in the philosophy of scientific realism
    with I. A. Maidanskaya, S. V. Reznik, V. P. Rimsky, and E. A. Mariasova
    Journal of History Culture and Art Research 6 (3). 2021.
    The article deals with the problem of immanent aim of the scientific cognition. The relationship between science and reality is viewed from the standpoint of scientific realism, resting upon the axiom that theories are assertions about the reality independent of human experience and even of reason itself. The authors argue that the adoption of scientifically-realistic ideal of science gives us a simple and reliable criterion the demarcation of scientific and non-scientific knowledge.