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    The clustering of galaxies in the SDSS-III baryon oscillation spectroscopic survey: Baryon acoustic oscillations in the data releases 10 and 11 galaxy samples (review)
    with Lauren Anderson, Éric Aubourg, Stephen Bailey, Florian Beutler, Vaishali Bhardwaj, Michael Blanton, Adam S. Bolton, J. Brinkmann, Joel R. Brownstein, Angela Burden, Chia-Hsun Chuang, Antonio J. Cuesta, Kyle S. Dawson, Daniel J. Eisenstein, Stephanie Escoffier, James E. Gunn, Hong Guo, Shirley Ho, Klaus Honscheid, Cullan Howlett, David Kirkby, Robert H. Lupton, Marc Manera, Claudia Maraston, Cameron K. McBride, Olga Mena, Francesco Montesano, Robert C. Nichol, Sebastián E. Nuza, Matthew D. Olmstead, Nikhil Padmanabhan, Nathalie Palanque-Delabrouille, John Parejko, Will J. Percival, Patrick Petitjean, Francisco Prada, Adrian M. Price-Whelan, Beth Reid, Natalie A. Roe, Ashley J. Ross, Nicholas P. Ross, Cristiano G. Sabiu, Shun Saito, Lado Samushia, David J. Schlegel, Donald P. Schneider, Claudia G. Scoccola, Hee-Jong Seo, Ramin A. Skibba, Michael A. Strauss, Molly E. C. Swanson, Daniel Thomas, Jeremy L. Tinker, Rita Tojeiro, Mariana Vargas Magaña, Licia Verde, and Dav Wake
    We present a one per cent measurement of the cosmic distance scale from the detections of the baryon acoustic oscillations in the clustering of galaxies from the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey, which is part of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey III. Our results come from the Data Release 11 sample, containing nearly one million galaxies and covering approximately 8500 square degrees and the redshift range 0.2 < z < 0.7. We also compare these results with those from the publicly released DR9 …Read more
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    Fear of Loneliness: Development and Validation of a Brief Scale
    with José Ventura-León, Tomás Caycho-Rodríguez, Miguel Barboza-Palomino, and Andrés Rubio
    Frontiers in Psychology 11. 2020.
  • S. Firestone, "la Dialéctica Del Sexo" (review)
    Teorema: International Journal of Philosophy 10 (1): 100. 1980.
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    Annealing of vacancies and ageing in Al-Li alloys
    with S. Ceresara and A. Giarda
    Philosophical Magazine 35 (1): 97-110. 1977.
  • Jornadas sobre "Racionalidad y Postmodernidad". Salamanca, 24-28 de febrero de 1987
    with Antonio Galán Gall
    Diálogo Filosófico 9 358-360. 1987.