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    Aristotle on verbal communication: The first chapters of De Interpretatione
    with Vladimir Marinov
    Empedocles: European Journal for the Philosophy of Communication 7 (2): 239-253. 2016.
    ABSTRACT This article deals with the communicational aspects of Aristotle’s theory of signification as laid out in the initial chapters of the De Interpretatione (Int.).1 We begin by outlining the reception and main interpretations of the chapters under discussion, rather siding with the linguistic strand. We then argue that the first four chapters present an account of verbal communication, in which words signify things via thoughts. We show how Aristotle determines voice as a conventional and …Read more
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    Is logic a theoretical or practical discipline? Kant and/or Bolzano
    Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie 84 (3): 319-333. 2002.
    Does logic describe something or not? If not, is it a normative or practical discipline? Is there a radical division between the practical or normative level and the theoretical or descriptive level? A discipline is theoretical, we may say, if its main propositions contain descriptive expressions, such as “is” or “have”, but no normative expressions, such as “ought”, “ought not” or “may”. A discipline is normative if its main propositions are of the form “it ought to be”. Theoretical proposition…Read more
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    Memory, memorials, and commemoration 1
    History and Theory 47 (3): 331-350. 2008.
    According to a popular view, the past is present here and now. This is presentism combined with endurantism: the past continuously persists through time to the present. By contrast, I argue that memories, memorials, and histories are of entities discontinuous with present experiences, and that the continuity between past and present in them is a construct. Memories, memorials, and histories are semantic means for dealing with the past. My presupposition that past and present are different is sup…Read more
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    Dubislav and Bolzano
    In Nikolay Milkov & Volker Peckhaus (eds.), The Berlin Group and the Philosophy of Logical Empiricism, Springer. pp. 205--228. 2013.
  • A New edition of Reichenbach’s book (review)
    Balkan Journal of Philosophy 4 (1): 141-144. 2012.