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    Intention, Convergence and Indexical Reference
    Journal of the Indian Council of Philosophical Research 40 (2): 183-206. 2023.
    The day to day experiences of answering machine messages, written notes, postcard messages, etc. and our intuitions regarding these seem to contradict the traditional assumptions in the semantics of indexicals. The primary analytical scope of the article is to undertake an analysis of Allyson Mount’s convergence of perspectives-based account of indexical reference and see whether it is able to successfully meet the challenges faced by Stefano Predelli’s intended context of interpretation approac…Read more
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    The effect of Er3+-ion concentration on the Er3+:4I13/2 → 4I15/2transition in tellurite glasses
    with W. J. Chung, S. Shen, and P. Joshi
    Philosophical Magazine 84 (12): 1197-1207. 2004.
  • Personality in Indian Psychology
    In K. Ramakrishna Rao, A. C. Paranjpe & Ajit K. Dalal (eds.), Handbook of Indian psychology, Campridge University Press India. pp. 348--60. 2008.