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    Tales of abuse and negligence: current humanitarian practices and refugee children
    with Mlado Ivanovic
    Journal of Global Ethics 15 (3): 344-360. 2019.
    ABSTRACTThe international community has struggled to effectively and humanely respond to the increase in forced displacement and has failed in finding effective solutions to the overwhelming immedi...
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    Introduction: alliance beyond aid
    with Jérôme Ballet and Laurent Parrot
    Journal of Global Ethics 15 (2): 85-88. 2019.
    Volume 15, Issue 2, August 2019, Page 85-88.
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    The Production and Reinforcement of Ignorance in Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research
    with Zachary Piso, Ezgi Sertler, Ken Marable, Erik Jensen, Chad Gonnerman, and Michael O’Rourke
    Social Epistemology 30 (5-6): 643-664. 2016.
    One way to articulate the promise of interdisciplinary research is in terms of the relationship between knowledge and ignorance. Disciplinary research yields deep knowledge of a circumscribed range of issues, but remains ignorant of those issues that stretch outside its purview. Because complex problems such as climate change do not respect disciplinary boundaries, disciplinary research responses to such problems are limited and partial. Interdisciplinary research responses, by contrast, integra…Read more
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    The Urgency of the Greening of Ethics
    Australasian Journal of Logic 15 (2): 592-608. 2018.
    Richard Sylvan, a vanguard in the field of environmental philosophy published a book in 1994 with David Bennett titled The Greening of Ethics. Nearly twenty-five years later, where the environmental situation of our world is even more serious, and where some governments deny the existence and negative effects of human caused climate change, the greening of ethics is even more urgent. In this paper, I revisit Sylvan’s and Bennett’s work arguing that their approach to environmental ethics should b…Read more
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    This article examines the relationship between southern non-government organizations (SNGOs) and northern non-government organizations (NNGOs) in Bolivia. The term 'partnership' for many years now has been a buzzword within the development debate, particularly in reference to the relationship between SNGOs and NNGOs. The term is ubiquitous in development literature in the North but is invariably absent from similar literature in the South. According to Fowler (1992. Building partnerships between…Read more
  • Cuban Philosophers and a Battle for Ideas
    Radical Philosophy Review 19 (2): 517-521. 2016.
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    The need for an effective development ethics
    Journal of Global Ethics 10 (3): 297-303. 2014.
    Development is entrenched within a Western, hegemonic framework. This can lead one to wonder if development ethics is, in fact, possible. Too many decisions are made and too many policies dominate an international development agenda that are guided by economic forces and national self-interests. Although development ethics has attempted to break through this situation, it has not had the impact that is needed. The current practice of ethics in development is too weak to have the impact needed to…Read more