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    Contemplative Science: An Insider's Prospectus
    with W. B. Britton, C. T. Kaplan, R. E. Goldman, M. Deluca, R. Rojiani, H. Reis, M. Xi, J. C. Chou, F. McKenna, P. Hitchcock, Tomas Rocha, J. Himmelfarb, D. M. Margolis, N. F. Halsey, A. M. Eckert, and T. Frank
    New Directions for Teaching and Learning 134 13-29. 2013.
    This chapter describes the potential farÔÇÉreaching consequences of contemplative higher education for the fields of science and medicine.
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    Theory and Method
    with Mel Churton
    Bloomsbury Publishing. 2017.
    Knowledge of theory is essential to study, but it often seems quite abstract and distant from the 'real world'. Research methods, on the other hand, are strategies that allow us to gather evidence from the people around us to help explain social phenomena. This book explores these two key areas and shows new sociologists how they can understand, appreciate and use both theory and method. Written with student needs firmly in mind, this new edition begins by exploring the most important theories a…Read more