• Obedience and Responsibility
    Professional Ethics, a Multidisciplinary Journal 10 (2/3/4): 65-80. 2002.
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    Obedience and Responsibility
    Professional Ethics, a Multidisciplinary Journal 10 (2): 65-80. 2002.
  • Moral Coherence in Professional Ethics: The American Military
    Dissertation, The University of Texas at Austin. 1982.
    The ethical code of a profession is commonly said to be justified by the values of the society it serves. Those who analyze professional codes often claim that if this is so, it is a necessary condition that the professional code be consistent with the value system of the society that generated the particular professional organization. Justification is particularly significant when members of the profession claim moral prerogatives or recognize moral restrictions on their actions that do not app…Read more
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    Atrocities in war: Dirty hands and noncombatants
    Social Research: An International Quarterly 69 (4): 963-979. 2002.
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    Obedience and Responsibility
    Professional Ethics 10 (2/3/4): 65-80. 2002.
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    Humanitarianism and the Laws of War
    Philosophy 61 (235). 1986.
    That moral principles underlie and constrain the activity of members of professions such as medicine and law is generally acknowledged. Whether the same can be said of the military profession is a question likely to generate considerable uncertainty. In this paper I shall show that, like other professions, the military profession is informed by a moral teleology. The source of this teleology, for the profession of arms, is manifested in the laws of war. The laws of war, in turn, reflect two huma…Read more
  • Moral Constraints on War: Principles and Cases
    with Ruben Apressyan, Carl Ceulemans, Boris Kashnikov, Shen Zhixiong, Shi Yinhong, and Guy Van Damme
    Lexington Books. 2002.
    Moral Constraints on War offers a principle-by-principle presentation of the transcultural roots of the ethics of war in an age defined by the increasingly international nature of military intervention