Antonios Kaldas

Sydney College of Divinity
  •  589
    Attention: a descriptive taxonomy
    History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 44 (4): 1-27. 2022.
    The term attention has been used to mean so many different things that some have despaired of it being useful at all. This paper is devoted to bringing a modicum of order to the chaos through the time-honored device of categorization. The chief purpose of this paper is to introduce a comprehensive descriptive taxonomy of the nuanced ways the term attention may be employed. It is presented in table form, followed by elucidations and illustrations of each of its items. But first, I offer reasons w…Read more
  •  1027
    Is attention both necessary and sufficient for consciousness?
    Dissertation, Macquarie University. 2019.
    Is attention both necessary and sufficient for consciousness? Call this central question of this treatise, “Q.” We commonly have the experience of consciously paying attention to something, but is it possible to be conscious of something you are not attending to, or to attend to something of which you are not conscious? Where might we find examples of these? This treatise is a quest to find an answer to Q in two parts. Part I reviews the foundations upon which the discourse on Q is built. Diffe…Read more