• Virgilio e Gallo nell'ultima egloga del libro bucolico
    Annali Della Facoltà di Lettere E Filosofia: Università degli Studi di Bari 35 169-200. 1993.
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    The present paper reveals (non-relativistic) quantum mechanics as an emergent property of otherwise classical ergodic systems embedded in a stochastic vacuum or zero-point radiation field (zpf). This result provides a theoretical basis for understanding recent numerical experiments in which a statistical analysis of an atomic electron interacting with the zpf furnishes the quantum distribution for the ground state of the H atom. The action of the zpf on matter is essential within the present app…Read more
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    Evolutionary Multiresolution Filtering to Forecast Nonlinear Time Series
    Journal of Intelligent Systems 14 (2-3): 157-192. 2005.