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    Movement of bubble universe thought experiment
    PTL Theoretical Physics Letters 2020 (23(09)'08-05). 2020.
    The scientists propose a new model with dark energy and our universe riding on an expanding bubble in an extra dimension. The whole universe accommodated on the edge of the this expanding bubble. The thought experiment in this paper involves a bubble universe that is assumed to be rising in direction of North bubble pole. The rising is based on assumption with its comparison with parcel of air observed in meteorology. The thought experiment in this paper involves a bubble universe that is assume…Read more
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    This theory aims to describe what time iteration is. That is the property of time that it repeats itself. This paper focuses on the repetition of orbital motions of objects in space and gives us three postulates that describe what time will be with different relations of objects and their surroundings. This paper will help to make us understand how everything in our universe which is orbiting something if repeats its orbital motion again and again no matter in what time it completes its one rota…Read more
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    The geometric arrangement of planet and moon is the result of a self-organizing system. In our solar system, the planets and moons are constantly orbiting around the sun. The aim of this theory is to compare the motion of a solar system with the motion of water droplet when poured into a water body. The basic methodology is to compare both motions to know how they are related to each other. The difference between both systems will be that one is extremely fast, and the other is extremely slow. T…Read more
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    A wormhole of light by using electronic materials
    Physics Tomorrow Letters 2 9. 2020.
    Wormhole is a popular tool for interstellar travel in science fiction. It connects two different space-time points directly although such an astrophysical object is not yet observed, but in 2015, researchers in Spain created a tiny magnetic wormhole for the first time ever. They used it to connect two regions of space so that a magnetic field could travel 'invisibly' between them. This article presents a model of making a wormhole of light on the principle of conversion of energy so that light g…Read more