• Molecular Self-Assembly in a Poorly Screened Environment: F 4 TCNQ on Graphene/BN
    with H. Z. Tsai, S. Coh, H. Oh, S. Wickenburg, Y. W. Son, D. Wong, A. Riss, H. S. Jung, G. D. Nguyen, G. F. Rodgers, A. S. Aikawa, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, A. Zettl, S. G. Louie, J. Lu, M. L. Cohen, and M. F. Crommie
    © 2015 American Chemical Society.We report a scanning tunneling microscopy and noncontact atomic force microscopy study of close-packed 2D islands of tetrafluorotetracyanoquinodimethane molecules at the surface of a graphene layer supported by boron nitride. While F4TCNQ molecules are known to form cohesive 3D solids, the intermolecular interactions that are attractive for F4TCNQ in 3D are repulsive in 2D. Our experimental observation of cohesive molecular behavior for F4TCNQ on graphene is thus…Read more