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Philosophy of Language
Philosophy of Mind
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  •  38
    Truth, Meaning, and Interpretation: A Reconsideration of Davidson’s Program
    Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy 6 (9). 2018.
    On a common reading of Davidson, the motivation for his proposal that a meaning theory is to take the form of a truth theory is at least partly guided by concern with the ends and means of interpretation. At the same time, the consensus seems to be that this proposal faces a particularly stubborn justificatory burden. The aim of this paper is twofold: first, to suggest that there is a promising route to discharging this burden, albeit one that is visible only once we shift our attention away fro…Read more
  •  120
    What is wrong with the indeterminacy of language-attribution?
    Philosophical Studies 146 (2). 2008.
    One might take the significance of Davidson’s indeterminacy thesis to be that the question as to which language we can take another to be speaking can only be settled relative to our choice of an acceptable theory for interpreting the speaker. This, in turn, could be taken to show that none of us is ever speaking a determinate language. I argue that this result is self-defeating and cannot avoid collapse into a troubling skepticism about meaning. I then offer a way of trying to make sense of the…Read more