• Moral Justification of Humanitarian Intervention in Modern Just War Theory
    Russian Journal of Philosophical Sciences 63 (11): 58-73. 2021.
    The article deals with the problem of moral justification of humanitarian intervention by modern just war theorists. At the beginning of the article, we discuss the evolution of the dominant paradigms of the moral justification of war and explain why the theory and practice of humanitarian intervention appears only at the present stage of the development of ethics and the law of war. It is noted that theorization of humanitarian intervention began in the last decades of the 20th century. This is…Read more
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    Kantian Project of Perpetual Peace in the Context of Modern Ethical and Political Concepts of War
    Russian Journal of Philosophical Sciences 63 (1): 85-100. 2020.
    The article considers the modern meaning of Kant’s doctrine of war. The author examines the context and content of the key provisions of Kant’s concept of perpetual peace. The author also reviews the ideological affinity between Kant and previous authors who proposed to build alliances of states as a means of preventing wars. It is noted that the French revolution and the wars caused by it, the peace treaty between France and Prussia served as the historical background for the conceptualization …Read more
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    Section Introduction
    with V. K. Belozerov, B. N. Kashnikov, Kh E. Marinosyan, and A. V. Soloviev
    Russian Journal of Philosophical Sciences 63 (1): 7-12. 2020.