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    Is informed consent effective in trauma patients?
    with A. Bhangu, E. Hood, and S. Mangaleshkar
    Journal of Medical Ethics 34 (11): 780-782. 2008.
    Background: Informed consent in the modern era is a common and important topic both for the well-informed patient and to prevent unnecessary litigation. However, the effectiveness of informed consent in trauma patients is an under-researched area. This paper aims to assess the differences in patient recall of the consent process and desire for information by performing a comparative analysis between orthopaedic trauma and elective patients. Methods: Information from 41 consecutive elective opera…Read more
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    The Tradition of Non-violence: The American Experience and the Gandhian
    with M. True and S. K. Chakraborty
    Journal of Human Values 4 (2): 183-199. 1998.
    On 27 February 1998, the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta and the office of the Fulbright binational educational exchanges in Calcutta jointly hosted a seminar on 'The Tradition of Non Violence: The American Experience and the Gandhian' at the Management Centre for Human Values . There were two keynote presentations. The one on the American experience was by Michael True, Professor of English Literature at Assumption College, Massachusetts, who was teaching as Fulbright visiting lecturer…Read more