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  • Find It New: Aspect-Perception and Modernist Ethics
    In Sebastian Sunday Grève & Jakub Mácha (eds.), Wittgenstein and the Creativity of Language, Palgravemacmillan. pp. 238-263. 2016.
    In an essay entitled ‘The Nobility of Sight’, Hans Jonas argues that ‘[s] ince the days of Greek philosophy sight has been recognized as the most excellent of senses’ (Jonas, 1954, p.507). Seeking to account for the historical elevation of vision over other forms of sensory engagement with the world, Jonas contends that ‘[t]he unique distinction of sight consists in what we may call the image performance, where “image” implies three characteristics: (1) simultaneity in the presentation of a mani…Read more
  • Excremental Happiness: From Neurotic Hedonism to Dialectical Pessimism
    College Literature: A Journal of Critical Literary Studies 2 (45): 198-221. 2018.
    This essay resists steering an unhappy third-way between avowedly “critical” approaches to happiness (Freud, Žižek) and more “positive” perspectives (Benjamin, Badiou), and instead turns the tables. In the first half, focusing upon Thomas Mann’s short story “The Will to Happiness,” it examines neurotic hedonism—a more sophisticated variant of the hysteric’s old game of deriving satisfaction from unsatisfied desire itself—and some of the “necessary fictions” which undergird it. In the second half…Read more
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    In this groundbreaking new study, Ben Ware carries out a bold reassessment of the relationship between modernism and ethics, arguing that modernist literature and philosophy offer more than simply a snapshot of the moral conflicts of the past: they provide a crucial point of reference for today’s emancipatory struggles. Modernism in this assessment is characterized not only by a concern with language and aesthetic creativity, but also by a preoccupation with the question of how to live. Investig…Read more
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    Introduction : Right in front of our eyes
    with Peter Buse and Daniella Caselli
    Parallax 22 (4): 386-389. 2016.