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    Bonn: “Duns Scotus’s Interlocutors at Paris”
    with Marieke Berkers
    Bulletin de Philosophie Medievale 61 265-269. 2019.
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    Newly Identified Treatises by John Foxal
    Bulletin de Philosophie Medievale 57 335-381. 2015.
    John Foxal was an English Franciscan active primarily in Italy in the latter half of the fifteenth century. His philosophical and theological positions were Scotist, and in his works he comments upon various texts of John Duns Scotus with reference to the Scotist school of thought active in the early fourteenth century. In this article we supplement the list of extant manuscripts, provide a revised list of Foxal’s treatises and offer an edition of one of these, the Tractatus de propositione per …Read more