•  21
    Crystal growth and intrinsic magnetic behaviour of Sr2IrO4
    with N. H. Sung, H. Gretarsson, D. Proepper, J. Porras, M. Le Tacon, A. V. Boris, and B. Keimer
    Philosophical Magazine 96 (4): 413-426. 2016.
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    Vpx overcomes a SAMHD1-independent block to HIV reverse transcription that is specific to resting CD4 T cells
    with H. -M. Baldauf, L. Stegmann, S. -M. Schwarz, I. Ambiel, M. Trotard, M. Martin, M. Burggraf, G. M. Lenzi, H. Lejk, X. Pan, O. Fregoso, E. Lim, L. Abraham, F. la NguyenRutsch, R. Koenig, M. Emerman, O. Fackler, and O. T. Keppler
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    Superconductivity below 20 K in heavily electron-doped surface layer of FeSe bulk crystal
    with J. J. Seo, Kim , J. K. Jeong, Ok J. M., J. S. Kim, J. D. Denlinger, S. K. Mo, C. Kim, and Y. K. Kim
    A superconducting transition temperature as high as 100 K was recently discovered in one monolayer FeSe grown on SrTiO3. The discovery ignited efforts to identify the mechanism for the markedly enhanced Tc from its bulk value of 8 K. There are two main views about the origin of the Tc enhancement: interfacial effects and/or excess electrons with strong electron correlation. Here, we report the observation of superconductivity below 20 K in surface electron-doped bulk FeSe. The doped surface laye…Read more