Bruce Jennings

Vanderbilt University
Center for Humans and Nature
  • Vanderbilt University
    Department of Health Policy
    Associate Professor
  • Center for Humans and Nature
    Senior Fellow (Part-time)
  • The Hastings Center
    Senior Advisor (Part-time)
Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America

Trained in political science and philosophy at Yale and Princeton Universities, after teaching for five years on the faculty of Richard Stockton College, I joined the staff of The Hastings Center in 1980 and developed my career in the interdisciplinary field of bioethics over the next 26 years. I have written and edited twenty nine books and have published approximately 260 articles on bioethics and public policy issues. In 2006 I joined the staff of the Center for Humans and Nature, which focuses on environmental ethics and policy. Overall, during the last decade my work has attempted to bridge the domains of bio-medical ethics, environmenta…

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