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    Doing feminism in the network: Networked laughter and the ‘Binders Full of Women’ meme
    with Samantha C. Thrift
    Feminist Theory 16 (3): 329-359. 2015.
    We analyse how memes construct networks of feminist critique and response, mobilising the derisive laughter that energises current feminisms. Using the 2012 case of the ‘Binders Full of Women’ meme, we argue that feminist memes create online spaces of consciousness raising and community building. The timeliness, humorous affect and media techné of meme propagators become significant infrastructures for feminist critique, what we term ‘doing feminism in the network’. If the Internet is particular…Read more
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    Doing feminism: Event, archive, techné
    with Samantha C. Thrift
    Feminist Theory 16 (3): 239-249. 2015.