• How I Met Your Mother and Philosophy: Being and Awesomeness
    with Bence Nanay, Kris Griffin, Thomas Answorth, Amanda Ypma, and Frank G. Karioris
    Open Court. 2014.
    Kids, you never know the true meaning of what's happening to you until you hear it from your future self about twenty years from now. Is it worth waiting for your perfect mate? No one but future-you knows the answer.Yet you don't have to remain in suspense any longer to find out the true meaning of the mother of all TV shows. Twenty philosophers walked into a bar, passed around a sub, and, suitably stimulated, came up with the crazy ideas in How I Met Your Mother and Philosophy. It's not as much…Read more
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    Three Problems for Contagion Empathy
    Philosophia 45 (3): 895-901. 2017.
    In this commentary on Michael Slote’s paper “The Many Faces of Empathy,” I assess the ways in which his theory of empathy aligns with simulation theory, as well as the problems that he needs to address because of this. Overall, I present three problems that need to be addressed: How do we know that we have caught the other’s emotion and not merely reacted on our own; What exactly is it about the other’s emotion or attitude that I am mimicking and catching; and Does empathy provide us with object…Read more
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    Humor and sympathy in medical practice
    Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy. forthcoming.
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    Clinical sympathy: the important role of affectivity in clinical practice
    Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 22 (4): 499-513. 2019.
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    This dissertation contributes to the philosophy of empathy and biomedical ethics by drawing on phenomenological approaches to empathy, intersubjectivity, and affectivity in order to contest the primacy of the intersubjective aspect of empathy at the cost of its affective aspect. Both aspects need to be explained in order for empathy to be accurately understood in philosophical works, as well as practically useful for patient care in biomedical ethics. In the first chapter, I examine the current …Read more