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    Counting Again
    with David Sanson and Ben Caplan
    Grazer Philosophische Studien 94 (1-2): 69-82. 2017.
    The authors consider a recurring objection to fictional realism, the view that fictional characters are objects. The authors call this the counting objection. Russell presses a version of the objection against Meinong’s view. Everett presses a version of the objection against contemporary fictional realist views, as do Nolan and Sandgren. As the authors see it, the objection assumes that the fictional realist must provide criteria of identity for fictional characters, so its force depends on the…Read more
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    Journaling and Pre-Theoretical Discussion as Inclusive Pedagogy
    American Association of Philosophy Teachers Studies in Pedagogy 3 72-86. 2017.
    When one thinks about inclusive pedagogy, it is tempting to focus solely on adding more diverse voices to one’s syllabus. While this technique is valuable and important, one can also promote inclusivity by encouraging and supporting the diverse voices of one’s own students. In this paper, I argue that two practices—low-stakes journal assignments and the pre-theoretical discussion of student thoughts about a topic before any readings have been assigned—promote inclusivity by encouraging and suppo…Read more
  •  68
    Against a Defense of Fictional Realism
    with B. Caplan
    Philosophical Quarterly 64 (255): 211-224. 2014.