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    The Human Right to Subsistence
    Journal of Applied Philosophy 30 (1): 57-72. 2013.
    Is there a human right to subsistence? A satisfactory answer to this question will explain what makes human rights distinctive, what is meant by subsistence, and why subsistence is an appropriate content of a human right. This article situates the human right to subsistence within the context of recent philosophical discussions of human rights. The argument for human subsistence rights provides an instructive example of how to understand what human rights are, why we must affirm them, and how th…Read more
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    Human rights and moral cosmopolitanism
    Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy 13 (1): 115-135. 2010.
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    Cosmopolitan Regard, Motivation, and Multiple Jurisdictions
    Journal of International Political Theory 9 (1): 51-62. 2013.
    This article identifies some core features of the argument in Richard Vernon's Cosmopolitan Regard: Political Membership and Global Justice and suggests some directions to pursue in defending its conclusions against reasonable objections. I outline the book's key ideas and draw attention to two areas in which Vernon's argument might be open to question. The first issue is that Vernon seems too quick with the problem of motivation, and the second is that his commitment to multiple jurisdictions m…Read more