•  37
    Potentially inappropriate urinary catheter indwelling among long‐term care facilities residents
    with Yi-Tsun Chen, Ming-Hsien Lin, Hsiu-Yun Lai, and Shinn-Jang Hwang
    Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 15 (4): 592-594. 2009.
  •  27
    Representation and Computation in Cognitive Models
    with Kenneth D. Forbus and Irina Rabkina
    Topics in Cognitive Science 9 (3): 694-718. 2017.
    One of the central issues in cognitive science is the nature of human representations. We argue that symbolic representations are essential for capturing human cognitive capabilities. We start by examining some common misconceptions found in discussions of representations and models. Next we examine evidence that symbolic representations are essential for capturing human cognitive capabilities, drawing on the analogy literature. Then we examine fundamental limitations of feature vectors and othe…Read more
  •  25
    Neuroplastic changes in resting-state functional connectivity after stroke rehabilitation
    with Yang-Teng Fan, Ching-yi Wu, Ho-Ling Liu, Keh-Chung Lin, and Yau-yau Wai
    Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9. 2015.
  •  17
    State-Owned Enterprises as Bribe Payers: The Role of Institutional Environment
    with Sali Li, Jingtao Yi, and Noman Shaheer
    Journal of Business Ethics 159 (1): 221-238. 2019.
    Our paper draws attention to a neglected channel of corruption—the bribe payments by state-owned enterprises. This is an important phenomenon as bribe payments by SOEs fruitlessly waste national resources, compromising public welfare and national prosperity. Using a large dataset of 30,249 firms from 50 countries, we show that, in general, SOEs are less likely to pay bribes for achieving organizational objectives owing to their political connectivity. However, in deteriorated institutional envir…Read more
  •  16
    Predicting Quality of Service via Leveraging Location Information
    with Fenfang Xie, Zibin Zheng, and Yaoming Wu
    Complexity 2019 1-16. 2019.
  •  7
    Cognitive Reappraisal in Children: Neuropsychological Evidence of Up-Regulating Positive Emotion From an ERP Study
    with Wen Liu, Fang Liu, Zhongqing Jiang, and Junchen Shang
    Frontiers in Psychology 10. 2019.
  •  5
    Reflectivity decomposition: Theory and application
    with John Castagna and Marcelo Benabentos
    Interpretation 9 (2). 2021.
    Sparse reflectivity inversion of processed reflection seismic data is intended to produce reflection coefficients that represent boundaries between geologic layers. However, the objective function for sparse inversion is usually dominated by large reflection coefficients, which may result in unstable inversion for weak events, especially those interfering with strong reflections. We have determined that any seismogram can be decomposed according to the characteristics of the inverted reflection …Read more
  •  4
    The Relevance of the principle of Relevance for Word Order Variation in Complex Referring Expressions in Mandarin Chinese
    with Xiangyu Jiang and Tao Ming
    Lodz Papers in Pragmatics 11 (1): 77-104. 2015.
    Word order variation in Mandarin Chinese results in two constructions consisting of a noun phrase, a cluster of a demonstrative and a classifier, and a relative clause : the OMN with the RC+DM+NP order and the IMN with DM+RC+NP order. This study used corpus data to show correlational patterns of constructional choices. Specifically, OMN is associated with new and inanimate NPs serving the grammatical role of object in the relative clause that serves the discourse function of identification. By c…Read more
  •  3
    Neural Correlates of Emotion Processing in Word Detection Task
    with Wenshuang Zhao, Chunxia Zhou, and Wenbo Luo
    Frontiers in Psychology 9. 2018.
  • Culture is always the privilege of reproduction of social relations, Bourdieu's central problems, "habits" as its basic theoretical aspects, revealing the process of social distinction, especially with the social constraints and social field of the mutual transformation mutual penetration of the "homogeneous relations." His idea is novel, point of view is clear, the argument is complex, the path is circuitous. The prevailing view is that habits Field as his power of "nuclear" has swept all of th…Read more
  • Optimization of Enterprise Labor Resource Allocation Based on Quality Optimization Model
    with Gaoyang Liang and Long Xu
    Complexity 2021 1-10. 2021.
    Companies take project-based management as their organizational strategy, and project quality assurance plays a vital role in improving customer satisfaction and enhancing corporate image. Starting from the perspective of optimizing project quality, this paper assigns different quality influencing factors to each project and each task of the project, divides the labor resources shared by multiple projects in the enterprise according to the skill level, and transforms the problem of project quali…Read more
  • On the Characteristics of Social Mobility in Hunan during the "Xianajun Age"
    with Qiu-Guang Zhou
    Nankai University (Philosophy and Social Sciences) 3 118-129. 2009.
    Hunan Hunan dramatic modern era is an extremely important change in the historical period, social mobility is the best change to reflect this era of social phenomena. From the flow point of view, this period there are five major trends of social mobility, through the examination on the civilian movement for the gentleman to the farmers for the lower flow of soldiers to the army, the army of scholars from the Going to war service, civilians from the "tax inclusive" up to the gentleman or enter of…Read more
  • Robustness of regional matching scheme over global matching scheme
    with Naoyuki Tokuda
    Artificial Intelligence 144 (1-2): 213-232. 2003.