• Distinct Electronic Structure for the Extreme Magnetoresistance in YSb
    with J. He, C. Zhang, N. J. Ghimire, T. Liang, J. Jiang, S. Tang, S. Chen, Y. He, S. K. Mo, C. C. Hwang, M. Hashimoto, D. H. Lu, B. Moritz, T. P. Devereaux, Y. L. Chen, J. F. Mitchell, and Z. X. Shen
    © 2016 American Physical Society.An extreme magnetoresistance has recently been observed in several nonmagnetic semimetals. Increasing experimental and theoretical evidence indicates that the XMR can be driven by either topological protection or electron-hole compensation. Here, by investigating the electronic structure of a XMR material, YSb, we present spectroscopic evidence for a special case which lacks topological protection and perfect electron-hole compensation. Further investigations rev…Read more