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    Philosophy as a Way of Dying?
    Proceedings of the XXIII World Congress of Philosophy 2 (2): 25-29. 2018.
    The idea of philosophy as a way of living is explicitly introduced by Plato, who illustrates it through the story of his teacher’s life and death. A most striking aspect of Plato’s account of philosophy as a way of living is that it also appears to involve the idea of philosophy as a preparation for, or even a pursuit of, dying: they that strive unceasingly for this release [sc. the release of soul from body] are, so we maintain, none other than those that pursue philosophy aright; indeed this a…Read more
  • Plato's Academy: Its Workings and its History (edited book)
    with Paul Kalligas, Effie Baziotopoulou-Valavani, and Vassilis Karasmanis
    Cambridge University Press. 2020.
    The Academy was a philosophical school established by Plato that safeguarded the continuity and the evolution of Platonism over a period of about 300 years. Its contribution to the development of Hellenistic philosophical and scientific thinking was decisive, but it also had a major impact on the formation of most of the other philosophical trends emerging during this period. This volume surveys the evidence for the historical and social setting in which the Academy operated, as well as the vari…Read more
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    Isocrates, Plato, and Aristotle on Rhetoric
    Rhizai. A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science 1 45-71. 2004.
    Scholars often regard the 4th century controversy on education as a rivalry between philosophy, which is represented by Plato and Aristotle, and rhetoric, which is represented most prominently by Isocrates. The problem with this view is that it presupposes a distinction between philosophy and rhetoric which seems to be the product rather than the cause of the controversy. In this paper I discuss certain aspects of Isocrates’ thought which allow us to place him in the beginning of a tradition whi…Read more
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    Christopher Rowe, Plato and the Art of Philosophical Writing (review)
    Rhizai. A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science 11 71-75. 2009.
    Review of Christopher Rowe, Plato and the Art of Philosophical Writing, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2007
  • Philosophia Kai Rētorikē Stēn Klasikē Athēna (edited book)
    Ekdoseis Philosophikēs Scholēs Panepistēmiou Krētēs. 2008.