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    The Meaning of Natural Childbirth
    Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 47 (2): 266-272. 2004.
    This paper uses the different approaches to natural childbirth to explore the ethical issues involved in respecting the human body in a scientific society.
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    Was Darwin a Creationist?
    Perspectives in Biology and Medicine 48 (3): 362-371. 2005.
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    The embodiment of birth
    Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics 22 (1): 47-55. 2001.
    This paper rejects dualism between mind and body toview the self as an embodied biological entity. Rather thanseeing the body operating by passive mechanisms as Descartesargues, it holds it actively moves in and even defines its world. Carrying this perspective to medicine presents an attempt toincorporate or work with internal processes of the body; it issensitive to how patients identify with their bodies. Thecurrent discussion over the extent to which women should try tohave natural childbirt…Read more