Marquette University
Rock Valley College
Marquette University
Department of Philosophy
PhD, 2015
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States of America
  •  28
    Moral Imaginative Resistance to Heaven: Why the Problem of Evil is So Intractable
    de Ethica: Journal of Philosophical, Theological and Applied Ethics 1 (5): 51-67. 2018.
    The majority of philosophers of religion, at least since Plantinga’s reply to Mackie’s logical problem of evil, agree that it is logically possible for an omnibenevolent, omniscient, and omnipotent God to exist who permits some of the evils we see in the actual world. This is conceivable essentially because of the possible world known as heaven. That is, heaven is an imaginable world in a similar way that logically possible scenarios in any fiction are imaginable. However, like some of the imagi…Read more
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    World-Traveling, Double Consciousness, and Laughter
    Israeli Journal for Humor Research 2 (6): 93-119. 2017.
    In this paper I borrow from Maria Lugones’ work on playful “world-traveling” and W.E.B. Du Bois’ notion of “double consciousness” to make the case that humor can facilitate an openness and cooperative attitude among an otherwise closed, even adversarial audience. I focus on what I call “subversive” humor, that which is employed by or on behalf of those who have been continually marginalized. When effectively used, such humor can foster the inclination and even desire to listen to others and, if …Read more