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    This paper makes a moral argument for why in vitro meat should be adopted in favour of traditional forms of meat on the basis that doing so would reduce animal suffering. It argues that we ought to act compassionately towards animals who have the capacity to experience suffering in a similar way to our own capacity to experience suffering. Given that the animals which are traditionally raised and slaughtered for meat have the capacity to experience pain in a significantly similar way to our capa…Read more
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    The premise that ‘death is annihilation’ in Epicurus’ argument that death is of no harm to us was justified using his atomistic conception of the soul. In modern times, this conception of the soul isn’t feasible, making his premise unacceptable and his argument unsound. This paper will use the modern notion of the Mind-Brain Dependence Theory to provide justification for his claim that death is the annihilation of the self in order preserve the soundness of his argument.