• A Vindication of the Rights of Children
    Dissertation, University of Colorado at Boulder. 1998.
    Several reasons purporting to explain why children should not have rights have been proposed within the philosophical literature. Among the more troubling of these comes from rights theorists who argue that any beings not capable of free and rational moral action are not properly right-holders. This proposal is most disconcerting since it denies rights for children tout court, where others might only restrict the scope or weight of rights children are permitted to have. ;I argue that this concer…Read more
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    Globalizing Democracy and Human Rights (review)
    Hypatia 22 (4): 206-209. 2007.
    Although the focus of "Globalizing Democracy and Human Rights" is practical, Gould does not shy away from hard theoretical questions, such as the relentless debate over cultural relativism, and the relationship between terrorism and democracy
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    This paper describes the use of a role-playing exercise to stimulate student interest and understanding in philosophical material. The exercise was designed to work with Hobbes’s articulation of the social contract in the “Leviathan,” but can be modified for any historical illustration of the social contract. The bulk of the paper explains the role-playing exercise, articulates its procedures, characters, and discusses its specific purpose. After explaining the game, the paper offers advice to i…Read more
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    Ethics in the First Person
    Teaching Ethics 8 (1): 125-131. 2007.
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