Christina Rawls

Roger Williams University
  • Introduction to Indigenizing and Decolonizing Feminist Philosophy
    Celia Bardwell-Jones and Margaret A. McLaren
    Hypatia 35 (1): 2-17. 2020.
  • What it would take to vindicate folk temporal error theory? This question is significant against a backdrop of new views in quantum gravity—so-called timeless physical theories—that claim to eliminate time by eliminating a one-dimensional substructure of ordered temporal instants. Ought we to conclude that if these views are correct, nothing satisfies the folk concept of time and hence that folk temporal error theory is true? In light of evidence we gathered, we argue that physical theories that…Read more
  • Philosophy and Film: Bridging Divides (edited book)
    Christina Rawls, Diana Neiva, and Steven S. Gouveia
    Routledge Press, Research on Aesthetics. 2019.
    This unique collection brings together internationally recognized scholars of film, philosophy, and the philosophy of perception and aesthetics, as well as many established philosophers working on the Film as Philosophy problem. It also includes several young scholars working currently in the philosophy and film genre. It is especially poised to be used in university undergraduate and graduate courses, but appeals to the larger, more general audience as well as to those working in these particul…Read more