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    The Unaskable Questions
    Method 27 (2): 17-35. 2013.
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    Mind control? Creating illusory intentions through a phony brain–computer interface
    with Margaret T. Lynn, Travis A. Riddle, and Ezequiel Morsella
    Consciousness and Cognition 19 (4): 1007-1012. 2010.
    Can one be fooled into believing that one intended an action that one in fact did not intend? Past experimental paradigms have demonstrated that participants, when provided with false perceptual feedback about their actions, can be fooled into misperceiving the nature of their intended motor act. However, because veridical proprioceptive/perceptual feedback limits the extent to which participants can be fooled, few studies have been able to answer our question and induce the illusion to intend. …Read more