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    Kierkegaard’s Aesthete in Either/or: Using Hegelian Mediation in Everyday Life
    Kierkegaard Studies Yearbook 24 (1): 3-27. 2019.
    This paper discusses how Kierkegaard’s aesthete in Either/or’s “Diapsalmata” and “Rotation of Crops” attempts to apply Hegel’s principle of mediation to everyday decision-making. This paper has two main goals: First, it provides an in-depth analysis of exactly how the aesthete’s approach to decision-making follows the dialectical pattern of Hegelian mediation. Second, it argues that even though the aesthete meets with unfortunate results, the aesthete cannot be so easily dismissed. The aesthete’…Read more
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    Kierkegaard’s Response to the Hegelian Necessity of the Past
    International Philosophical Quarterly 61 (2): 189-206. 2021.
    This article analyzes the “Interlude” in Kierkegaard’s Philosophical Fragments. In particular, it examines Johannes Climacus’s response to Hegel’s view that a past actuality is necessary. I provide an in-depth analysis of Hegel’s view of modality and of what he means when he says that a past actuality is necessary. In contrast to the standard scholarly interpretation, I argue that Climacus need not reject Hegel’s view because Hegel’s view of the necessity of the past is not so controversial or d…Read more