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    Educating Messiahs
    Trafford. 2013.
    A lot of people would have a problem with these ideas as I think implementing the changes that are so badly needed would be a huge task. There are so many things to say about the subject you have chosen to address and talk so passionately about. I am glad someone is fighting for an ever failing educational system. You were my favourite teacher because you listened and encouraged us to use our own voices and talk about what we truly felt. Our moral lessons were the only classes I looked forward t…Read more
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    473959 - the making of a messiah (edited book)
    Trafford. 2006.
    Only this experience … Thirty years ago a young British soldier found himself in a conflict in which Christians were killing Christians. When he protested that involving the Army would provoke more violence from both sides, his government ordered him into a military psychiatric hospital, to be treated - on arrival - for schizophrenia. Instead, the hospital staff found him perfectly sane. Meanwhile, under their observation, he had a spectacular spiritual experience. He had previously decided th…Read more
  • Mathematics Teaching Is Democratic Education
    Philosophy of Mathematics Education Journal 12. 1999.