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    The Pathocenosis Moment: Mirko Grmek, the "Annales" and the Vagaries of the Longue Durée
    History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 27 (1). 2005.
    Grmek's important article on pathocenosis, which appeared in 1969 in the Annales, did not achieve the fame and significance which it seemed to merit. This needs to be explained not only in terms of Grmek's own history, but also in changes in intellectual fashion, including in the Annales themselves. The work was also eclipsed by W.H. McNeill's best-selling Plagues and Peoples. History's 'cultural turn' since the 1980s has also limited the article's perceived utility. Nevertheless, the value of t…Read more
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    This artical explores that application of evolutionary approaches to the study of entrepreneurship. It is argued an evolutionary theory of entrepreneurship must give as much concern to the foundations of evolutionary thought as it does the nature of entrepreneurship. The central point being that we must move beyond a debate or preference of the natural selection and adaptationist viewpoints. Only then can the interrelationships between individuals, firms, populations and the environments within …Read more