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    First published in 1964, this is not just a chronicle or encyclopaedia, but deals thoroughly in turn with meaning, view about reason, and views about values, particularly moral values. The author's knowledge of French literature if extensive and thorough, and a feature of the book is his analysis of the philosophical implications of literarry wroks by Sartre, Paul Valery, Camus and others.
  • In Search of the Spirit in Spiritual Assets
    Transformation: An International Journal of Holistic Mission Studies 32 (1): 38-49. 2015.
    This article discusses the concept of spiritual assets or spiritual capital in community development and social transformation. It argues that much of the existing discourse on the subject tends to be reductionist in its approach, often limiting discussion of spiritual assets to the social and cultural capital of religious organizations. The study proposes an understanding of spiritual assets which acknowledges the creative and sustaining work of the Spirit in enabling and motivating communities…Read more