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    Beyond Argument
    Symposion: Theoretical and Applied Inquiries in Philosophy and Social Sciences 5 (2): 181-195. 2018.
    Accounts of deep disagreements can generally be categorized as optimistic or pessimistic. Pessimistic interpretations insist that the depth of deep disagreements precludes the possibility of rational resolution altogether, while optimistic variations maintain the contrary. Despite both approaches’ respective positions, they nevertheless often, either explicitly or implicitly, agree on the underlying assumption that argumentation offers the only possible rational resolution to deep disagreements.…Read more
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    Lichen planus of the eyelids: a case report and review of the literature
    with Michael Huang Yuan Yu, Silvia Potenziani, and Sylvia Hsu
    Lichen planus of the eyelid is an under-reportedmanifestation of a common inflammatory condition.To the best of our knowledge fewer than 20 cases ofeyelid LP have been described in the English literature.We report a case of a 29-year-old woman whopresented with 3-month history of bilateral eyelidpruritic violaceous papules and similar lesions on herchest and lower extremity. Histology examinationrevealed characteristic findings and a diagnosisof LP was established. This report further reviewsthe…Read more