•  31
    Paradigm for an Evolutionary Process
    Biological Theory 3 (3): 258-266. 2008.
  •  17
    Privatised peacekeeping : a necessary evil?
    Dissertation, University of KwaZulu-Natal. 2007.
    The rise of the Private Military Industry has been cemented in modern global political reality, but where next will this multi-billion dollar industry go and what form will it take after the market boom of Iraq? Post-Colonial Africa is considered the birthplace of the modern mercenary and historically features prominently as a testament to the potential for immoral privately sponsored military activities within unstable states. Moreover, it is a rich market that the Private Military Industry is …Read more
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    Reconciling Just War Theory and Water-Related Conflict
    International Journal of Applied Philosophy 26 (2): 197-212. 2012.
    This paper suggests that certain characteristics of resourcerelated conflict reveal areas of contemporary Just War Theory that are insufficiently rigorous or robust in their current form. Water security in particular, reveals ambiguity in the Just War framework’s treatment of the jus ad bellum criteria of ‘just cause,’ which in turn challenges the credibility of the entire system. The insufficiency that is exposed has consequences for the effectiveness and cogency of the bodies of international …Read more