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    Six Sigma Methodology in Increasing Spirulina Production
    with Omar Flor and Gabriela Alvarez
    Minerva 1 (1): 23-28. 2020.
    This work presents results of improvement in the productivity of Arthrospira platensis in a company dedicated to its production. The six sigma methodology was applied in production processes that require the use of bioreactors. Starting from the analysis of the current state, aspects, physical and chemical variables that directly influence the productivity achieved were identified. Various culture media were tested and subsequently scaled for industrial production. In addition, the incorporation…Read more
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    Toxicidad producida por compuestos salinos en el proceso de germinación de Lactuca sativa
    with Sofía Reina and Melissa Correa
    Minerva 1 (1): 5-12. 2020.