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    Metaphor, Analogy, and the Place of Places: Where Religion and Philosophy Meet (review)
    Review of Metaphysics 59 (4): 908-909. 2006.
    Carl Vaught wove together a number of papers he delivered on various occasions from 1969-2004 to produce this densely philosophical book, which thus may be taken to represent some of the fundamental issues that occupied the recently deceased Vaught during his prestigious career.
  • Review (review)
    The Thomist 69 329-332. 2005.
  • The German philosopher Robert Spaemann is one of the most important living thinkers in Europe today. This volume presents a selection of essays that span his career, from his first published academic essay on the origin of sociology to his more recent work in anthropology and the philosophy of religion. Spaemann is best known for his work on topical questions in ethics, politics, and education, but the light he casts on these questions derives from his more fundamental studies in metaphysics, th…Read more
  • Review (review)
    The Thomist 66 325-328. 2002.
  • Discovering the Given: On Reason and God
    Nova Et Vetera 10 563-604. 2012.