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    Why nature matters: A systematic review of intrinsic, instrumental, and relational values
    with A. Himes, B. Muraca, C. B. Anderson, S. Athayde, T. Beery, M. Cantú-Fernández, R. K. Gould, A. P. Hejnowicz, J. Kenter, D. Lenzi, R. Murali, U. Pascual, C. Raymond, A. Ring, K. Russo, A. Samakov, S. Stålhammar, H. Thorén, and E. Zent
    BioScience 74 (1). 2024.
    In this article, we present results from a literature review of intrinsic, instrumental, and relational values of nature conducted for the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, as part of the Methodological Assessment of the Diverse Values and Valuations of Nature. We identify the most frequently recurring meanings in the heterogeneous use of different value types and their association with worldviews and other key concepts. From frequent uses, we dete…Read more
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    Women Directors and Corporate Social Performance: An Integrative Review of the Literature and a Future Research Agenda (review)
    with Giovanna Campopiano and Patricia Gabaldón
    Journal of Business Ethics 182 (3): 717-746. 2022.
    This paper presents a literature review offering a thorough and critical systematization of articles investigating the influence of women directors on corporate social performance (CSP). We review the state-of-the-art literature in terms of its key assumptions, theories, and conceptualization of CSP. Our analysis shows a misfit between the theorization and operationalization of gender diversity, especially in quantitative empirical studies, which represent the majority of articles. In our overvi…Read more