Darren M. Slade

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design
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    Patristic Exegesis: The Myth of the Alexandrian-Antiochene Schools of Interpretation
    Socio-Historical Examination of Religion and Ministry 1 (2): 155-176. 2019.
    The notion that there existed a distinction between so-called “Alexandrian” and “Antiochene” exegesis in the ancient church has become a common assumption among theologians. The typical belief is that Alexandria promoted an allegorical reading of Scripture, whereas Antioch endorsed a literal approach. However, church historians have long since recognized that this distinction is neither wholly accurate nor helpful to understanding ancient Christian hermeneutics. Indeed, neither school of interpr…Read more
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    Responses to the Religion Singularity: A Rejoinder
    with Kenneth W. Howard
    Socio-Historical Examination of Religion and Ministry 1 (1): 51-74. 2019.
    Since the publication of Kenneth Howard’s 2017 article, “The Religion Singularity: A Demographic Crisis Destabilizing and Transforming Institutional Christianity,” there has been an increasing demand to understand the root causes and historical foundations for why institutional Christianity is in a state of de-institutionalization. In response to Howard’s research, a number of authors have sought to provide a contextual explanation for why the religion singularity is currently happening, includi…Read more