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    Weak Inferential Internalism
    Journal of Philosophical Research 37 357-377. 2012.
    Inferential internalism holds that for one to be inferentially justified in believing P on the basis of E one must be justified in believing that E makes probable P. Inferential internalism has long been accused of generating a vicious regress on inferential justification that has drastic skeptical consequences. However, recently Hookway and Rhoda have defended a more modest form of internalism that avoids this problem. They propose a form of weak inferential internalism according to which inter…Read more
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    Gestalt has no notion of attention. But does it need one
    with Cees van Leeuwen, Chie Nakatani, Andrey R. Nikolaev, Gijs Plomp, and Antonino Raffone
    Humana Mente 4 (17): 35-68. 2011.
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    In the last two decades, the greatest threat to armchair philosophy has been the natural kinds approach. On this view, philosophic theorizing should not be obsessed with the ideas of justice, goodness, and truth but should look outward to the world of objects to find these things. And if these things happen to be natural kinds, like kinds of rock or fish for instance, then clearly we should reject the armchair for the lab. The philosopher should leave the office and join the scientist out in the…Read more