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    Communication Breakdown
    Social Philosophy Today. forthcoming.
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    The Politics of Civic Education
    Social Philosophy Today 31 169-175. 2015.
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    Collective Identity and Collective Memory in the Philosophy of Paul Ricoeur
    Études Ricoeuriennes / Ricoeur Studies 3 (1): 114-131. 2012.
    Collective memory has been a notoriously difficult concept to define. I appeal to Paul Ricoeur and argue that his account of the relationship of the self and her community can clarify the meaning of collective memory. While memory properly understood belongs, in each case, to individuals, such memory exists and is shaped by a relationship with others. Furthermore, because individuals are constituted over a span of time and through intersubjective associations, the notion of collective memory oug…Read more
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    In this dissertation, I explore the significance of remembering, especially in its communal form, and its relationship to narrative identity by examining the practices that make possible the formation and transmission of a heritage. To explore this issue I use Martin Heidegger and Paul Ricoeur, who have dedicated several of their major works to remembrance and forgetting. In comparing Heidegger and Ricoeur, I suggest that Ricoeur's formulation of the identity of a subject and a community offers …Read more