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    Genealogies of Race and Gender
    In Christopher Falzon, Timothy O'Leary & Jana Sawicki (eds.), A Companion to Foucault, Wiley-blackwell. 2013.
    The question of a genealogy of race and gender is first and foremost a question of methodology. By bringing to bear the critical tools provided by Foucauldian methodology on the construction of race and gender in the specific historical case of Levittown, this chapter explores the manner in which the stories that inform our sense of “the way things are,” are shaped historically. Moreover, the chapter argues that the significance of the institutions and discourses becomes apparent only once they …Read more
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    Abstract: A History of the Notion of the Individual
    with Gilbert Simondon
    Chiasmi International 7 55-64. 2005.
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    The World is One Great Hospital
    Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy 18 (1): 43-66. 2010.
    This article attempts to locate the origin of Foucault’s work on biopolitics and biopower in his writings on medicine and medicalization.  Though the concept of biopower is most closely associated with Foucault’ genealogy of the dispositif of sexuality, this essay sets aside the question of sexuality and examines more closely the archeology and genealogy of the medical dispositif to which Foucault dedicated a significant portion of his work throughout the 60’s and 70’s, in order to locate therei…Read more