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    Is Nature Natural? And Other Linguistic Conundrums
    Environmental Philosophy 15 (1): 77-89. 2018.
    One of Scott Cameron’s most recent contributions to environmental hermeneutics was to defend the concept of nature against those who would argue that it should be abandoned in order to stave off the ecological destruction. Rather than jettison nature as an outdated and unhelpful construct, Cameron argued for its redemption based on Gadamer’s hermeneutical insights into language. In this article, I will look at Cameron’s arguments against Steven Vogel as well as particular points made against nat…Read more
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    Dietrich von Hildebrand and Paul Ricoeur
    Quaestiones Disputatae 3 (2): 46-55. 2013.
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    Interpreting Nature (edited book)
    with Forrest Clingerman, Brian Treanor, and Martin Drenthen
    Fordham University Press. 2013.
    The twentieth century saw the rise of hermeneutics, the philosophical interpretation of texts, and eventually the application of its insights to metaphorical “texts” such as individual and group identities. It also saw the rise of modern environmentalism, which evolved through various stages in which it came to realize that many of its key concerns—“wilderness” and “nature” among them—are contested territory that are viewed differently by different people. Understanding nature requires science a…Read more
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    Beyond Romantic Ecocriticism: Toward Urbanatural Roosting (review)
    Environmental Philosophy 9 (1): 144-147. 2012.