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    A Cladist is a systematist who seeks a natural classification: some comments on Quinn
    with Malte C. Ebach
    Biology and Philosophy 33 (1-2): 10. 2018.
    In response to Quinn we identify cladistics to be about natural classifications and their discovery and thereby propose to add an eighth cladistic definition to Quinn’s list, namely the systematist who seeks to discover natural classifications, regardless of their affiliation, theoretical or methodological justifications.
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    What, Exactly, is Cladistics? Re-writing the History of Systematics and Biogeography
    with M. C. Ebach
    Acta Biotheoretica 57 (1-2): 249-268. 2008.
    The development of comparative biology has been of interest to philosophers and historians. Particular attention has been placed on the ‘war’ of the 1970s and 1980s, the apparent dispute among those who preferred this or that methodology. In this contribution we examine the history of comparative biology from the perspective of fundamentals rather than methodologies. Our examination is framed within the artificial—natural classification dichotomy, a viewpoint currently lost from view but worth r…Read more
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    A new cladistics of cladists
    with Malte C. Ebach and Juan J. Morrone
    Biology and Philosophy 23 (1): 153-156. 2008.
  • Milestones in Systematics
    with Peter L. Forey
    Journal of the History of Biology 38 (1): 165-167. 2005.
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    Zangerl and the "Zeitgeist"
    with Malte C. Ebach1
    History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 28 (1). 2006.
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    Adolf Naef (1883–1949): On Foundational Concepts and Principles of Systematic Morphology (review)
    with Olivier Rieppel and Malte C. Ebach
    Journal of the History of Biology 46 (3): 445-510. 2013.
    During the early twentieth century, the Swiss Zoologist Adolf Naef (1883–1949) established himself as a leader in German comparative anatomy and higher level systematics. He is generally labeled an ‘idealistic morphologist’, although he himself called his research program ‘systematic morphology’. The idealistic morphology that flourished in German biology during the first half of the twentieth century was a rather heterogeneous movement, within which Adolf Naef worked out a special theoretical s…Read more
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    A devil's glossary for biological systematics
    with Malte C. Ebach
    History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 33 (2): 249. 2011.
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    Confusion in philosophy: A comment on Williams (1992)
    with Robert W. Scotland, Christopher J. Humphries, and Darrell J. Siebert
    Synthese 108 (1). 1996.
    Patricia Williams made a number of claims concerning the methods and practise of cladistic analysis and classification. Her argument rests upon the distinction of two kinds of hierarchy: a divisional hierarchy depicting evolutionary descent and the Linnean hierarchy describing taxonomic groups in a classification. Williams goes on to outline five problems with cladistics that lead her to the conclusion that systematists should eliminate cladism as a school of biological taxonomy and to replace i…Read more
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    An Outline of the Foundations of Systematics and Biogeography
    with Malte C. Ebach
    History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences 29 (1). 2007.