•  17
    Consenting in Population Genomics as an Open Communication Process
    with Andrew Hicks and Peter Pramstaller
    Studies in Ethics, Law, and Technology 3 (1). 2009.
    New advances in genomics changed the research landscape significantly in the last few years. The power and significance of already existing tissue collections is enhanced by their growing size, and all over the world national projects aim to connect with each other at the international level, calling for integrated and common regulations in the transnational research field. The post genomics era faces problems that are partially different from those within the classical bioethical framework. The…Read more
  •  16
    "Patientcentricity": An Editorial
    with Claudio Corradetti and Peter P. Pramstaller
    Studies in Ethics, Law, and Technology 6 (1). 2012.
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    Dynamic Consent: a potential solution to some of the challenges of modern biomedical research
    with Isabelle Budin-Ljøsne, Harriet J. A. Teare, Jane Kaye, Stephan Beck, Heidi Beate Bentzen, Luciana Caenazzo, Clive Collett, Flavio D’Abramo, Heike Felzmann, Teresa Finlay, Muhammad Kassim Javaid, Erica Jones, Višnja Katić, and Amy Simpson
    BMC Medical Ethics 18 (1): 4. 2017.
    BackgroundInnovations in technology have contributed to rapid changes in the way that modern biomedical research is carried out. Researchers are increasingly required to endorse adaptive and flexible approaches to accommodate these innovations and comply with ethical, legal and regulatory requirements. This paper explores how Dynamic Consent may provide solutions to address challenges encountered when researchers invite individuals to participate in research and follow them up over time in a con…Read more