• Inner Light Perception of Vihangam Yogis: A Qualitative Study
    with Ravi Prakash, Z. Ul Haq, O. Prakash, and S. Sarkhel
    Journal of Consciousness Studies 16 (2-3): 124-140. 2009.
    Meditation hasrecently emerged as a topic of interest for the medicinal scientists as well as for the neuropsychological scientists for different reasons. The methods used by both of these approaches have been mostly objective. This quest of objectification has led to vigorous use of tools like EEG and ERP, which has definitely led to revealing of marvellous aspects of meditation. However, the subjective states of meditation have been much less explored, especially when seen in contrast to the o…Read more
  • Las Meninas from an Alchemical Perspective
    with Ravi Prakash, Z. Ul Haq, and S. Sarkhel
    Journal of Consciousness Studies 16 (2-3): 124. 2009.
  •  5
    Data Mining for Evolving Fuzzy Association Rules for Predicting Monsoon Rainfall of India
    with C. T. Dhanya
    Journal of Intelligent Systems 18 (3): 193-210. 2009.
  • What do Prospective Elementary Teachers Know About American History?
    with P. Fritzer
    Journal of Social Studies Research 26 (1): 51-61. 2002.